Beauty pampering programme

Facial Treatments

Nature as the key to beauty! Nothing corresponds to our idea of beauty more than a healthy and cared for complexion. With the demanding skin care programme by Maria Galland, having beautiful skin and keeping it that way is easy.

A Small Facial Treatment € 62,00
Traditional Facial Treatment € 79,00
Facial Treatment for Men € 62,00
Traditional Facial Treatment for Men € 79,00
Soin Thalasso Facial Treatment € 95,00
Soin Cocon Facial Treatment € 95,00
Luxury Facial Treatment € 115,00
Eye Mask Treatment € 33,00

Body Applications

Our body styling with a system. We offer our guests various body treatments. Special types of treatment are available for your selection and are applied depending on the desired effect.

Aloe Vera Body Scrub € 37,00
Apricot Body Scrub € 43,00
Body Scrub with Partial Massage € 64,00
Cellulite Treatment Maria Galland € 86,00
Body Treatment for HIM € 55,00
Manicure € 43,00
Foot Care with a Foot Spa € 47,00
Foot Care „Deluxe“ € 70,00
Varnish € 6,00
French varnish € 11,00
Whole leg depilation € 34,00
Depilation leg up to the knee € 23,00
Depilation bikini area € 15,00
Arm pits depilation € 15,00
Depilation upper lip € 8,00

Body Packages

Relax in a specially developed bath by Dr. Joseph Vitalis. Depending on the substrates used, the effect will be strengthened by the multi-bath, a very pleasant, dry steam. Excellent for you relaxation, detoxification, toning and active ingredient dilution.

South Tyrol Hay Bath € 84,00
Evening Primrose Oil Package € 35,00
Seaweed Package € 35,00
Mud Pack € 35,00


Massages have a healthy and relaxing effect on the body and soul. In addition to numerous traditional techniques, you can also find treatments from Indian and Oriental healing traditions in our holistic offer.

Whole Body Massage € 53,00
Relaxation Massage € 77,00
Essential Oil Massage € 56,00
Foot Area Massage € 46,00
Intense Back Massage € 63,00
Shiatsu Massage (on demand) € 51,00
Hot Stone Massage € 77,00
Lymphatic Stimulating Massage € 56,00
Sonnbichl’s Head and Neckmassage € 49,00
Lomi Lomi Nui € 93,00


Ayuveda – knowledge for long life: the art of Ayurveda – a millennia old traditional healing tradition from India – consists of bringing about physical and spiritual balance and regenerating and harmonising the entire organism. The individual oil massages are rejuvenating, purifying and ensure there is more inner serenity, as well as softening the skin.

Pampering Packages

Packaged wellness dreams. Good health is the source of our energy. With our wellness packages, you will be treated to the best wellness and beauty treatments. Experience this wellness dream specially tailored to your requirements.

For „Her” € 191,00
Beautiful Men € 134,00
Farewell to Stress € 168,00
Pure luxury package (starting at 4 days) € 262,00
Back package (starting at 3 days) € 149,00
Pure Feet € 81,00
South Tyrol package € 146,00

Useful Beauty Information

“Sometimes you get exactly what you want…” Visit our beauty department and indulge yourself! Expert hands are happy to advise you and put together your personal wellness programme. Birgit and Erna are looking forward to your visit.

Our beauty opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 7.00pm – Saturday & Sunday 2.00pm to 6.30pm

Please notify us at least one day prior if you can not make your appointment. If you cancel later, 70% of the price will be charged. Our cosmetic treatments, baths, packages and massages have no therapeutic aims, rather they promote your well-being.

Our tip:

Book your beauty application when you make your reservation and receive a 10% discount on all individual beauty treatments as well as the pampering package. Call us or send us an email at!